Payment Options

Online bill pay NOW AVAILABLE!

Payments are due by the 15th of each month unless this date falls on a weekend or holiday.  If such is the case, then the payment will be due on the next business day.  A penalty is added after this date and a grace period is given until the 25th of each month.  After this date, all unpaid accounts will be subject to a cutoff and additional penalties.  Effective March 1, 2015, the reconnection fee will be $75.00 to have service restored during regular business hours.  There will be no reconnection of water service after hours.  


For your convenience, your water bill may be paid in several ways:

1.  At our office at 355 Woods Ferry Road.

2.  By mailing your payment to our main office.

3.  Automatic Bank Draft

4.  Online through our payment website  (see notice below)

5.  By calling our office to pay with your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express card over the phone.

6.  At the after hours drop box in front of our office on Woods Ferry Road

7.  At any branch of Wilson Bank & Trust or Pinnacle Bank.  Payments cannot be made at either bank after the due date.



**To avoid late charges being applied or a disruption of service, payments must be made before 5:00 PM two business days prior to the due date or cut off date.

**If it is after the 25th of the month, please call our office during regular business hours to make your payment to avoid possible disconnection.

**If your water service has already been disconnected, please DO NOT make your payment online.  Due to reconnection fees, you will need to contact our office to pay during regular business hours.

** The Amount Due shown above may not reflect current payments and/or adjustments to your balance for 48+ hours. If you have questions or comments regarding your balance, please call our office at (615) 444-3378.



If you are no longer a LaGuardo Utility customer, but are still receiving bill notifications via email, please login to your account in our payment portal and do the following to stop receiving these emails:

1) Go to Account

2) Go to User Settings

3) Select Edit

4) Under the Email Notification Settings drop down menu, select Disallow notifications.

5) Confirm changes