New! Residential LaGuardo ServLine® Program

We are always striving to provide our customers with the most effective services possible. Many homeowners are not aware that they are responsible for both the water lost through a leak and the repairs of the water line from the meter to the home.

We are excited to provide a new program that protects our residential customers, as long as they have their own water meter. The program we have developed is called the LaGuardo Utility ServLine® Program.

LaGuardo Utility District

ServLine Home Example

Water Loss Protection: Automatically Enrolled $2.10/Month

  • Water Loss Protection from excess water charges resulting from eligible plumbing leaks, up to $2,500. No deductible.
  • Call us to decline protection and accept full responsibility for water bills resulting from eligible plumbing leaks.
  • Please refer to our leak adjustment policy for guidelines and qualifications for leak adjustments.
  • As of March 1st, all residential leak adjustments will only be available through our ServLine Water Loss Protection Program.

Water Line Protection: Sign-up by calling $4.95/month

  • Covers repair or replacement of water service line up to $10,000. No deductible. No annual limit.
  • Provides Water Line Protection from your meter to the foundation of your home.
  • Includes public paved surfaces and $500 for basic site restoration and $500 for private paved surfaces like sidewalks or driveways.
  • Does Not Provide Protection For: Water Meter, Water Pit, Water Vault, Pumps, Valves, Or Backflow Meters.
  • Contact Us To Request A Full Copy Of Program Protections And Exclusions.
  • Be protected from these expensive repairs! Adding Water Line Protection after March 1st will result in a 30-day waiting period for protection to apply.

As your service provider for water service we are dedicated to providing you with reliable service and a safe water supply.  Over the years, we have made many improvements to our system and facilities to maintain a consistently high level of water quality and reliability

One service we presently provide is for leak adjustments. Our former policy allowed each customer one leak adjustment per 12 months, as long as the bill was 2 ½ times the average bill. Our customer paid approximately 50% of the leak that was above his/her average bill, and the LaGuardo Utility District wrote off the other 50%. The example below shows how an adjustment worked:

  • $200.00 water bill which includes a leak
  • $33.14 average water bill
  • $166.86 overage above the average water bill
  • 166.86 divided by two would be $83.43
  • So, in this instance, the customer would pay their normal bill of $33.14, plus the overage of $83.43, for a total of $116.57 (plus tax).

The example above is actually a pretty low amount for a leak. Some customers have leaks that are well over $1,000 just for the water bill, not to mention the actual repairs that have to be made to the waterline. Wanting to help eliminate this unforeseen hardship for customers, we have developed a new, broader program called the LaGuardo Utility District ServLine® Program. The new LaGuardo Utility District ServLine® Program enhances our leak adjustment policy and even has the added benefit of optional protection for your exterior water service line.

Our new LaGuardo Utility District ServLine® Program enhances our present leak adjustment policy for residential customers in single family homes. Business and multi-family customers are not included in this program, for now. This program will provide leak protection once per 12 month period for leaks up to $2,500 with no deductible. So, if you have a leak that causes your water bill to jump to $2,500 or less, you're only going to pay your average water bill. The entire leak cost would be paid in full. The cost for this service is only $2.10 per month for the $2,500 in protection.

We will begin billing $2.10 per month on your water bill each month beginning March 1st, 2016. You will be automatically enrolled in this program to ensure that you are protected. If you choose not to participate in this program, you must call our ServLine Customer Service number at (615) 470-0191 to be removed from the program. However, if you choose not to participate, you will be responsible for the entire leak. If you decide to cancel and then want back in the program, there will be a 30 day waiting period for your service to become effective, making you responsible for any leak that might occur within that 30 day waiting period.

The LaGuardo Utility District ServLine® Program also offers a water line repair/replacement service that you may wish to consider. Our water line protection program protects customers from the unforeseen and costly expense of repairing and/or replacing your exterior water service line from the meter to the foundation of your home. Eligible repairs are covered up to $10,000 with no deductible and for a cost of only $4.95 per month. It takes almost 8 ½ years to catch up to the expense of just one $500 line repair.

If you want both leak protection and the water line protection, it will be a total of $7.05 per month added to your water bill. Again, both are optional, but you're automatically enrolled for the leak protection unless you call the Customer Service number at (615) 470-0191. The water line protection is optional also, but you will need to call the Servline Customer Service number to enroll for it.

We're excited to bring these services to our customers to help prevent those unexpected costs, should you have a leak or broken pipe.

The LaGuardo Utility District


Isn't the exterior water service line the Utility Company's responsibility until it connects to my house?
No. The water service line is the homeowner's responsibility from the Utility's water meter until it connects to your home.
Doesn't my Homeowners Insurance cover damage to my exterior water service line?
  • With rare exceptions. Most homeowner's insurance policies do NOT cover the exterior service line, but, good news, with our new ServLine® Program you do not file a homeowner's insurance claim or pay a deductible.
  • The chance of a water line repair is approximately the same as a collision claim against your automobile insurance.
Can I decline participation in the ServLine® Leak Protection Program and take my chances?
  • Yes. You do not have to take advantage of this program and can decline with just a quick phone call.
  • If you decline participation, you will now be responsible for all excess water charges from a line leak. ServLine® is the new way we adjust water bills for qualifying leaks that result in excess water charges. However, it would take over 39 years of monthly charges for Leak Protection to pay for only one excess water bill of $1,000.
How many times per year can I make a claim for bill relief from a water leak with Leak Protection?
Leak Protection enhances our leak adjustment policy for residential customers and follows the same guidelines, allowing one claim every 12 months.
Does Leak Protection pay for excess water bills from leaks that happen because of plumbing leaks that happen inside my house? What about leaks on irrigations systems or other connecting exterior water lines?
Is there a waiting period for protection to take effect?
There is a not a waiting period for the Water Line Protection if you signed up before the start date of our new ServLine® Program. However, after the start date, there is a 30 day waiting period unless a new customer is signing up a new connection or an existing customer moves to a new address and is establishing a new account and connection. Since you are automatically enrolled in Leak Protection, there is no waiting period for Leak Protection.
Is the $10,000 limit for repairs and replacement of exterior water service lines enough?
The $10,000 limit for repair and replacement of the water service line with Water Line Protection is enough for all but the most unusual situations.
How many times per year or over multiple years can I have my exterior water line repaired or replaced by the Water Line Protection?
Multiple leaks or repairs are not a problem for Water Line Protection. The coverage is in place for each occurrence whether there are one or more leaks in a year or after several years. The coverage is in place as long as you remain enrolled in the program.
I received information regarding a warranty program in the mail. Is this the same program?

No. Our program is unique and is not like any program you may have seen before. We have never endorsed or offered a service line program until now.

  • This is not a warranty product nor is it backed by a warranty company.
  • Warranty companies are NOT regulated at all in many areas, and, as a result, they are not held to the same standards as insurance companies. Our service line program is unique and is not like any program you may have seen before.
  • The ServLine program covers more with fewer restrictions than any warranty program we have seen.
  • ServLine’s provider is regulated by the State Department of Insurance, unlike warranties.
What happens if I break my exterior service line by hitting it while digging?
Good news! We will cover the break as long as an 811 Call has been made and the water service line is marked prior to digging.
Does Water Line Protection (which provides coverage for repairs of the water service line from our meter to the foundation of your home) cover my sprinkler system water lines, other irrigation lines, water lines to swimming pool, water lines to other structures or water lines inside my home?
Water Line Protection covers repair or replacement of the exterior water line from the meter to the foundation of your home. The repair or replacement coverage does not extend to sprinkler system water lines, other irrigation lines, water lines to swimming pools, water lines to other structures, or water lines inside the home.
Is my water line covered for absolutely everything that might make it leak or break?
The Water Line Protection has very broad coverage but there are things that could happen that would not be covered by the Water Line Protection. Occurences like earthquakes, floods, or landslides are excluded, as are back-ups into the house or costs to remove clogs or plugs, among others. No program is going to cover absolutely everything.
How much is my deductible when I have a repair?
Great news! There is no deductible for either Leak Protection or Water Line Protection.
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